Thursday, August 14, 2008

c'est moi

here's just some pictures of me (with IT and massah-in-law/leah) in case you forgot what i looked like.

i have a nice smile, don't you think?

see how nice and symetrical MY ears are? not all wonky, like someone's.

then IT got tired.

and then i had enough. now leave me alone.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

more evidence!

i would like to share more proof that i am wasting away. this was me - with MEAT ON MY BONES - a couple years ago:

i had insulation on me!

the good old days....

but NOW look at me!

can you see my ribs sticking out?!

i'm wasting away!

look how sunken and gaunt i look!

no, i did NOT look like a barrell, massah... i looked healthy! what is WITH this cultural obsession with TEENY TINY women in the world?! well i refuse to put on a bikini and pose sprawling on the beach in hawaii. give me some peanut butter in a kong and i'll stop complaining. for now.