Thursday, July 31, 2008

what is wrong with the human race....

I don't usually post things like this, especially since I don't have first-hand knowledge, but it is so horrifying that I want to pass it on. It's from a man who works at Petco in California....

I wanted to tell you about something extremely disturbing a customer told me today. She felt it was her duty to tell me about this, and I feel like it's my duty to tell you (I'm notifying my four other Boston Terrier-owner friends of this as well). The customer noticed my Boston's picture on my name tag and said that she had her Boston stolen from her front yard recently. She let her dogs (2 Bostons & 2 Pugs) out to potty, and they were very well-trained & would never consider leaving their yard. One of her Bostons was taking a long time to pick a spot, and she had a phone call and let the other dogs back in and left the remaining Boston outside for a second to finish his business. She came right back outside, and he had vanished. She knew he was probably stolen, but she put up signs all over her neighborhood, and was shocked by the response she got.

Many people called her (several who lived on her block) that said their Bostons had been stolen as well and told her to report it to the police. The police had a horrible conclusion. First of all, it wasn't a random thing since nearly all the dogs recently stolen in the area were Bostons and not just any "purebred-looking" dog; this breed itself was being targeted. Second, since most, if not all, these dogs were simply pets and were spayed or neutered, it was not likely they were taken by a puppy mill for breeding purposes. Their fate was most likely far more horrible.
It turns out that in illegal dog-fighting rings (which are very prevalent this area of the country), Boston Terriers are now considered the perfect "bait" for training Pit Bulls to fight, for three reasons:

1) They look like small Pit Bulls, so young Pits in training will learn to go after dogs that have that similar shape and build while not getting harmed in the training process since the Boston is much smaller.

2) Bostons, unlike many other small breeds, have a lot of Bulldog characteristics and are thus willing fight back until death. Therefore, unlike other "bait" dogs, they do more than simply stand there and let themselves get torn up and will better prepare the Pits for fighting--again, without posing too much danger of the "trainee" getting hurt since the much-smaller Boston doesn't stand a chance.

3) This is the perhaps the most stomach-churning. Fighting dogs are trained to go for the neck and throat of the opponent, and the white collar of the Boston allows a training dog's owner to more easily tell how much damage his charge is able to inflict.

I thought you should be aware of this trend since Bostons are apparently being sought-after as bait dogs. Maybe you should also let other Boston owners and your puppies' buyers be aware of this--not to scare them, but because it's much better to be safe than sorry.

Stay close to your family and don't take bones from stranges - especially you Cali pups!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

kindness and cruelty

first of all, i have been awarded an award. from the big boy, peanut himself. he gave me this arte-y-pico award because - AND I QUOTE - "because we love her." woot! i am honored!

and i'm a little behind the times, but here is our cold box:

boring boring boring until you get to the side, where you have this - a BOSTON ornament! and NO CRESTIE ORNAMENT, let me point out. woot!

i'm not sure what she is "hopeful" about, except maybe MORE FOOD IN HERE!?!?!?!?!

we are starving to death with no food over here. beware, you easy-weepers out there: here i am, in the middle of summer, wrapped up in a blanket because there is no meat on my bones to keep me warm.

for those of you with no heart, who might be saying, "i don't believe you fig; your girl would never let you starve!" i point out this next exhibit. this is me, huddling next to my brother for warmth. i WOULD NOT DO THIS but for these EXTREME AND DIRE CIRCUMSTANCES.

pee-s: send food please

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i'm a model

wanna see something fabulous stupendous wonderously incredible?! do you?!?! well look what leah made (a LONG time ago) and massah just now got around to putting in a place of prominance where it belongs:

it's a duet of pictures, featuring MEEEEEE!!! (and IT) and where is this place of significance? it's above her dresser, where it can be the first thing she sees every morning! and it's near the "happy" sign because i make her HAPPY!!!

other than that, nothing much is happening. massah keeps fawning over IT and its daily funtions of life. i truly don't see what's so intersting and praise-worthy about his "solid" poo. whatever.

Monday, July 21, 2008


if you want a little chuckle, check out my neice waveland's blog.

actually, i think she's my girl's first cousin once removed, which would make her my... second cousin? or something? anyway, i think she's pretty cute, although banjo and i didn't hit it off real well when they lived around here.

Monday, July 7, 2008


YES i am happy and excited! i got to go to the dog park over the holiday weekend and I WAS A GOOD GIRL!!! here is visual proof: see me?! that is ME WITHOUT A LEASH and ANOTHER DOG and i am NOT ATTEMPTING TO TEAR OUT HER JUGULAR! and here's another picture of me with TWO OTHER DOGS: and this little scottie was trying to HUMP ME and naturally i didn't allow it but i DID NOT TRY TO EAT HIM ALIVE! here i am, in LIVE ACTION at the DOG PARK. but when the other dogs got too worked up i had to go back and protect massah and leah, of course.
and here are pictures of me being a GOOD GIRL and enjoying myself at the park!!! it was pretty exhausting, though. this is what i felt like after about an hour:

i went home and slept a long time. but i think i might get to go back again since i was SUCH A GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD GIRL!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

not so!

leah thought she was special when i jumped on her lap to sleep the other night....

but i am a fickle figgle. i give my love to massah too.