Friday, August 31, 2007


i have been tagged by my boyfriend balboa (the handsome devil) (who has to go to the V.E.T. this weekend, can you believe it?! on a HOLIDAY weekend too!) and also by bernard, another good-lookin' frenchie (but not as much of a hottie as my balboa, sorry bernard - you're the second most handsome). anyway - on with the show! my 5 favorite foods:

1. cheese (i get my medicine in it every day)
2. peanut butter (if there isn't any hard-core drugs hidden in there)
3. newman's own organic treats (THANKS BALBOA!)
4. any other kind of treats
5. carrots

okay, now that massah isn't looking i will name my 5 MOST favorite foods - BIG PROPS to the family for introducing me to these treasures since we've moved in!

1. TUNA (thanks massah-in-law)
2. POPCORN (thanks motch)
3. WALLYMELON (thanks motch, again!)
4. ICE CUBES COVERED IN ICED COFFEE (thanks massah-in-law)
5. PIZZA (thanks to the boy)

yummm.... and now the middle-name game, from bernard. i do not have a middle name! can you believe it?! however, massah calls me lots of things and in honor of the upcoming football season (where the bears will dominate) i will use my NFL-related nick name: pigskin.

P - pretty darn adorable
I - intelligent beyond description
G - guard-dog extraordinaire
S - so much better looking than IT
K - kind and gentle (if i am sleeping)
I - indescribably beautiful bark (i.e. LOUD)
N - not annoying at all

now i'm going to go see if i can set the privacy setting or something on this entry, so that massah can't see my REAL list of favorite foods....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


what in the world is going on?

i am not amused.

evidently this is ITs doing, since i ruined the squeaky in ITs dumbbell from stanley. whatever. i'm still not saying i'm sorry.

Monday, August 27, 2007

my new hat!

this nasty hat came in the box that stanley sent to IT. it says "crabby but cute" and i can only assume it got in there by accident.

however, i made some improvements since i'm such a crafty little woman, and i've decided i like the result.

amazing what a permanent marker and some masking tape will do, huh?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

i'm complaining again

i am exhausted. i cannot sleep because i have to listen to this all day. (i know it's dark, but i figured if you have to listen to IT, you shouldn't be exposed to ITs appearance at the same time. a dog can only handle so much, you know.)

now keep in mind - that is just IT's normal bark. when IT gets excited the pitch goes up 3 and a half octaves and elongates into a scream. gah. i don't know how i stay sane around here.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

look what i got the other night!

yummy..... i love gnawing on stuff that i'm allowed to gnaw on.

IT was staring at me the entire time, like a half-starved vulture. just waiting....

but i just kept happily chewing.

but look what happened! (hint: look for the long, pointy nose that sneaks in the side)

annoying little buggar. but i just use my puppy eyes on motch and all is well again. i love living here!

Monday, August 20, 2007

007 par-tay

my boyfriend balboa and i had a wonderful night at simba's party - we danced the night away! i was on my most proper behavior (i wanted to make a good impression for our VERY FIRST date!!) and i think it was a success! bernard has some candids of the night - don't be fooled by shot of me and simba... i had to pose with the host of the party, but my mind was on balboa the whole time (whose wouldn't be, with the way he looked and danced!)! whew! what a hottie, huh?!

since i was on my best, most feminine behavior that night, i wanted to post another side of myself today. i don't want him to think i'm all sugar and spice and everything nice - i'm also playful and strong and crazy fun! okay, i admit it... i was showing off for him a little bit here....

Friday, August 17, 2007


sadie's footprints came last night.

they made the imprints after she went to heaven.

it's very nice. and it makes me a little bit sad.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

missing you

P.A. went to the Emerge and See doctor the other night, and now he's at the hospital. I don't know what he saw when he emerged from that room, but I'm going to ask him when he gets home because I sure don't want to see the same thing and end up in the hospital too - he said he's getting shots that last an hour! And then do it every 4 hours! The horror! Do they have a ASPCA for humans?! We're hoping he gets out in a couple days... I miss him around the house.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


winston recently put up some pictures of him sleeping and wanted to see other dogs do the same. since sleeping is my cup of tea, as some say, here i am!

this is where i sleep most of the time at motch's house - on her bed, on the shams, in front of the windows.

that way i can keep watch at the same time.

and doze off between security alerts.

mmmm.... i love sleeping.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

dog park, shmog park

IT posted some pictures of last night. we went to the dog park. i was not allowed off-leash. what was THAT about? isn't that what dog parks are for? running around FREELY?

well, that's what you would think. however, this is how i spent my time.

and like this.

and when i still wouldn't "be nice" i had to SIT there next to massah. like i was "unpredictable" or something.

for the love of all things good and holy. look where the progression led next:

yes. on her LAP like i was a 8-week-old puppy. and on top of THAT, look at what that adolescent hooligan was allowed to do without my approval!

shocking, isn't it?! that little olive was allowed to SMELL ME while i was being held immobile!

it was a disgusting display of unwarranted affection. leave me alone, you little baby pug! i am a wild animal who would eat you if i had the chance! i am NEVER going back there to endure that humiliation again.


I just moved my Live Journal over to Blogger, since I cannot put any more pictures up over there. Evidently I'm "over my limit" or something. Bah. This way I can list all my friends, though - I couldn't do that over there! It'll take me a couple days to get everything sorted out, but I'm working on it... between bouts of playing.