Friday, June 12, 2009

oh the excitement of friday night

my girl thinks i'm weird. does this look weird to you?!

i just wanted to eat some of motch's fiber-y plastic plant.

to distract me, motch let all of us give her kisses. now we were all very excited, because this is not a usual occurance. for some reason, no one in our family likes to get kisses on their face, neck, inside of the nose, and on their limbs simultaneously. i don't know why. but the opportunity presented itself and we took advantage!

after that excitement, petra and i engaged in a rousing game of tug-o-war. you will notice my brother in this video, and you will have the chance to see how WEIRD and STUPID he is. he keeps on kissing well after the kissing game is over. while petra and i play, he continues to kiss THE AIR. HOW STRANGE IS HE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

all in all, it's a good friday night.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


last night we had to go to that nasty, blood sucking money vacuum that my girl calls the vet. to display my displeasure i actually BARKED at them; i've never done that before. i think they were very scared of my viciousness. in fact, i scared them so much that the doctor got confused and gave me GOOD NEWS! he said i have lost a LOT of weight (i'm down to 20 pounds!!!) and am NOT ALLOWED to lose any more! that means i'll get a little more food every day, yahoo! but i've found something even better! my very own snack moved into the apartment next to us!

i know you can't see him very well in that picture, but that's because we were all hiding behind our curtains and didn't want to scare the neighbors by peering out the window at them with a camera. and my girl said she was wearing her nasty pajamas (i don't know what she means - it's what she wears every single day) and couldn't take me out to "meet" him.

don't be fooled - he is not large. he is about the size of a baseball and would be a PERFECT snack for me. i think he might give me a chance to chase him a little too and work up more of an appetite before enjoying the meal....

i'm HUUUUUUUUUUNGRY! and i'll wait patiently for him.