Saturday, September 29, 2007


Guess what?!?!

THE CUBS ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!

I can't even believe it!!!!! This is the best day of my entire life!!!!! It's been a million trillion gazillion billion poopilion years since they won the World Series, but this is our year! I celebrated in style!

Check it out! It is a COOKIE, can you believe it?!?!?!? It's from Coco and Sophie (her scaredy-cat sister)!

After posing nicely (for WAAAY to long) I said "give it to me, you mean, torturous woman!" (please note: I was NOT saying "WHAATTSSUUUUP" to my cookie)

Finally I got it!

Oh the delightfulness is cannot be described in mere words....

All I can say is HOLY COW!!!!!

It was all SORTS of delicious!

I had to make sure I got all the pieces....

That was the best thing I've ever tasted. There is one more cookie, but Massah said I have to wait until the World Series before I get that one. Hmmm....

Is it the World Series yet?! GO CUBS!!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007


I'm sorry, but Massah-in-Law is GONE! I'm not getting my peanut butter-filled KONG! I was just trying to be good to myself!

I took it under the bed to be courteous! And I didn't even eat all of the Sour Straws - I left some for Massah.

I don't know why she didn't praise me for being such a thoughful, considerate doggin.... I sure would'a thought she would've THANKED me, at least?!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


someone help me! i'm not getting any attention over here lately! i want to visit my boyfriend balboa but IT took his taxi to pixburg! i'm being neglected! somebody call the aspca on massah!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

holy kong

you will NEVER believe what i got - for the first time - yesterday!!!

a kong FILLED WITH PEANUT BUTTER!!!!! now we have had our kong for a long time, but massah has never introduced us to the wonderful world of peanut-butter-filled kongs!!! god bless massah-in-law for this! i will love her forever and ever now! i licked it for HOURS, even after all the peanut butter was gone, and was in heaven! and then i fell asleep. but i made sure it was right next to me, even while in repose, in case massah-in-law decided to fill it up again!
i'm thinking perhaps i should move in with massah-in-law....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


good grief. i think it's been a million years since i last got a chance to get on here! or at least a thousand, don't you think...? i've been doing a lot of this - standing around looking dignified:

while i've had to watch IT bounce around like an idiot:

my constant guard-dog tendencies have flourished...

while ITs bizarre ideas of "play" have remained the same.
i also stole ITs toy.

however, i took it easy on him because IT was complaining about being sick. watch how gentle i am!

i was gentle, but i'm still not a push-over....

Thursday, September 6, 2007

for the love

my family is driving me insane. massah says she is sick, and that's how she rationalizes just lying around all day and all night. IT claims he is sick too, and has some kind of infection (yeah... maybe in his BRAIN) which causes him to be an attention-whore. well maybe i'm sick too! maybe i'm sick and tired of everyone ignoring me! maybe i'm sick enough to cheat on you and go to someone else for play time, ever think of that, massah?! that's RIGHT. last night a bunch of people came over to the house for some kind of meeting. i don't know what it was about but they all sat around quietly, taking turns talking in muted tones. i could just TELL they were there to play with ME. finally! someone wanted to give me attention! i brought all my toys in there and shoved them into people's laps. i got all my best and loudest squeakers and brazenly squawked them as violently as i could! i pranced around and bashed my toys against their legs! and guess WHAT. motch took ALL MY TOYS AWAY, one at a time. by the end of the night, all my squeakers were either sitting on the mantle of the fireplace or lying in a basket on the kitchen counter. it just sickens me. i'm getting my boys (dobby and gollum) together and we're going to storm the place.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


I know some have been wondering how our little princess Figgles is handling this weekend, what with Tad's anniversary and all. Well here she is, the little drama queen herself, pouting amidst a pile of laundry.

After pouting a while, she shrouded herself in black (or as close to it as she could find).

And is currently attempting to look as neglected and pathetic as possible, in hopes that someone takes pity and feeds her something.

Valient, yet fruitless, efforts. I'm sure she'll be back soon to tell you how horrible the weekend has been for her....