Friday, September 26, 2008

returning and continued starvation

well motch and p.a. got home. the first thing motch said when she saw little pee was "how much did she eat?! she is enormously and obesely FAT!!!!!" maybe not those exact words, but pretty close. and she is right... look at her belly!

too bad i wasn't staying with petra and leah. *sigh* i'm still starving to death over here with the little naked chinese man. look at me - i can barely keep my eyes open as i waste away.

luckily petra is kind enough to stay by my side and comfort me in my starvation. she is worried about me too - can you see it in her eyes?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

oh dear

the bears open the season tonight.

against the colts.

i can't stand the probable carnage....

Friday, September 5, 2008


i had the most lovely evening yesterday. my girl was sourly watching the giants beat the redskins (neither of whom she likes, so i'm not sure why she was so emotionally involved in the game, but that's okay beacuse it worked to my advantage) when i took it upon myself to have a look-see in her bedroom. my girl heard me rifling through things and making odd noises, but she shrugged it off because i do that sometimes. what she had forgotten, however, was a box of junior mints that she had on top of my crate which is beside her bed. what was i to do? let them get stale as eli manning continued to throw inexplicable completions? i give you a resounding NO!!! i knocked the box down, ripped it open, ate the CHOCOLATE candy, then preceeded to eat almost the entire cardboard minty-flavored box before she came in and found me!

i was kind crabby the rest of the night, but i didn't tell her it was because i was feeling poorly due to my dangerous over-indulgence. i didn't let on. and i made it through just fine, thank you. no ill effects. and my breath even smelled minty fresh!