Monday, February 25, 2008


last night, massah-in-law laughed very loudly for a very long time when she walked into massah's room and saw this:

and upon closer inspection:

we were sleeping! what on earth is so funny about that?!

but please notice that i and IT were on opposite sides of massah, and that i had my paw out, touching massah's head, so i could make sure IT didn't cross over the line and try to snuggle with ME.

is there any other way to sleep at night?!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

wet and glorious

i do not know why massah is shooting that arrid spray at me. apparently the v.e.t. told her to do it. more proof that we as doggins can NEVER trusts those nasty v.e.t.'s. massah said she doesn't know why it's supposed to work either, but it DOESN'T. see:

still licking. still making nasty wet marks on my furs and skins. i think i heard some rumblings about taking me IN to see the v.e.t. to find out if i have allergies. totally unnecessary. let me lick in peace, please.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

oh please

evidently my incessant licking of the paws annoys massah. so she got me this. and then sprayed it on my legs.

maybe I get annoyed when she constantly hums all day long, i wonder if she ever thought of that?! but do i get her larynx removed? no, i do not. i put up with it. which is what SHE should do too.

is a little fairness and equality too much to ask for around here?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

helping out around the house

thank you all for the concern about the Pink Guy that invaded my eye and kept me away from my playmates for days on end. while i was held captive in my own home while convalescing, i found an exciting new pass-time! as you are probably well aware, IT has a disgusting habit of poo'ing in the house and then eating it (or poo'ing outside and then eating it, he's indiscriminate). i know that massah and massah-in-law HATE this, so i've decided to help them out. every time IT poos in the house, i walk to their side and give them this look:

they immediately run into the other room where they invariably find IT hunched over his poo and beginning his feast. i'm considering a charge for my assistance. maybe payment in peanut butter-filled Kongs...?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

birthday part 2

i can't believe it's been almost a week since i last told you about my birthday. bad massah! but i need to share the rest of my presents.... firstly, i must explain what happened. massah said she would NOT give me 5 presents for every hour my birthday celebration was delayed. humph. evidently i didn't get a signed agreement out of her stating that fact. so pups - apparently you need to get your hooman to write it down, sign it, and then take it to some kind of important person to get it NOTARIZED if you want them to actually follow through on their promises. she did get me something though. so. moving on....

she took me to petco to pick out whatever i wanted. that was pretty sweet. i did NOT want this, but now that it's on i suppose it's not too bad.

i had picked out a leather studded tough-chica collar... but massah said i had to have some pink in this one. so i guess camo-pink will do. i'm still not terribly pleased, as you can see by my expression.

note: that is NOT a fat roll on my neck; it was a bad angle for a photograph.

i got a boat-load of treats... the kind that i NEVER get to eat! there are chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter rolls, liver snacks, froot loops, and so many others in that bag that i can't even remember. YUM!

and look at this - it's a wubba-dubba-doo!!! and it's AWESOME!

i HIGHLY recommend it for those who haven't experienced the pleasure. it has a ear-drum shattering pitch to the squeaker inside, and i have yet to destroy the squeaker (after one WEEK - that's unheard of for a boston!).

this is a sight massah sees a lot of these days. (please ignore IT in the background.)

i also got a big fat bone! (massah got one for the other animal in the house too, so don't feel bad for him) hey, it's not a cow penis, but it's a bone from a cow; that's the best we can hope for in this house.

and finally, this wonderful HUGE bone cookie. i had to work hard for this one, though. there was an enormous plastic bin FULL of these cookies on the bottom shelf (man, i love the marketing in that store). massah kept dragging me away from it because she knows i like to steal and eat things while i'm there and then she has to buy them when we go through the line. so i got smarter this time around. i waited until we were in the checkout line and she was putting all our stuff on the counter. while she was distracted, i pulled the whole entire bin of cookies off the shelf and all over the ground. there was like a billion ka-zillion cookie bones sitting on the floor in front of me! a bunch of people had to come and help her pick them up, but look what i managed to do:

and then of course she had to buy it, which means it's sitting on our counter and i'm waiting for massah to get a little less annoyed at me so i can eat the rest. it was a pretty good birthday.